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You are here: Home Music Collectors Zone The Grading Guide

You will find the codes shown here under items in the Collectors Zone, next to the word Grade. They provide detailed information about the poster's condition.


  • N - New: This item is brand new and in mint condition. May be shrink-wrapped and in original packaging.
  • M - Mint: No defects or blemishes. As new.
  • NM - Near Mint: No obvious defects. Very slight surface marks permitted if inconspicuous. Very slight corner/edge marks and slight printing faults permitted.
  • VF - Very Fine: Several minor defects permissable. Minimal surface wear. Small corner creases or edge dings. Marks or discoloration on reverse of poster do not bleed through. No pin holes or folding permitted in this grade.
  • FN - Fine: No major defects but an accumulation of minor ones, including corner creases and edge dings, slight discoloration. Slight rippling. No pin holes or folding permitted in this grade. Very small tears or fray at edge.
  • VG - Very Good: Medium general wear. Edges dinged or crumpled in places. Tears up to 1/2" at edge. Noticeable surface ripple or mottling. Clean, small pin holes permitted. No folding.
  • G - Good: Complete but showing wear. Small corner pieces may be missing. Tears up to 1" at edges. Surface noticeably discolored, rippled, or marked. May have clean folds.
  • FR - Fair: Very badly worn. Missing edges. Surface badly discolored, rippled, or marked. Folded. Tears up to 1.5" at edges. Clean repairs using tape permitted.
  • PR - Poor: Curiosity value only